Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Family

I love my family so much, even when I am angry, I think my mom and dad make good decisions, because I like the word sleepover, because we always have a sleepover , most of the time of sleepovers is at my cousins house, they are a nice family. I have prayed for them to know God, but it is not working that quick, love them, and I willnever stop praying for them, unless they no God,i new / understanding god, when i was about 5 years old. i understanded when i was little that jesus died and rose again but really Idid not no anything else . I was pretty cool, that I was learning about God, but I till no way better than before, I am 9 years old right now but I am turning 10 on february 15, I was born on the year 2001. My brother was born on the year 1999, at the Pennsylvania Hospital, and me and my sister were born in the Abington Hospital. I think my mom likes the abington hospital the most, maybe it had more girls in it. That is what I most do until this time. I love my famiy so much.