Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love playdates with my friends, I have lots of friends. My friends are rough sometimes, well mostly when they hear the word icecream.They love icecream, its like a magnet to them, it is like so weird, it sometimes is embarrising when my mom says playdate, Im to old to have a playdate, i hang,or i can say (hangout,) that is more like it.I love my friends, their mostly the ones who are fun, that mostly does not worry about icecreaam, believe me, it is a hard life with friends that like to eat icecream all the time.. Some are my friends, are ..... Chloe,Grishma,Riley,Clara,Nicole, and way more, this is just some of my friends, dont you worry their are way more, trust me. Well, I ususally, with my friends, do a spa and mani~and pedi on my sister she is 5 cant you believe it, we practice so we can open are own pro Beauty salon when we grow up, and so far we hit it, we do like so awesome, i make my sister have black eye make-up on. Sometimes, i predend she is going to go to meet her true love, by putting lipstick on, and make-up on,, i love my life. i love my sister, even me and my friend Riley put mask and Cucumbers on her eyes, so much fun.I love friends.