Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Very Special Cousins

I have a little more than 225 cousins. Isnt that incredible? we counted them all. But of course im not going to name them all. Well, my brother counted so hopefully that is the correct number. Im only going to name the ones that live near me ( Eliot ME),before i start. Im just going to tell you that most of my cousins live in Pennsylvania (where i was born). Okay were back to some of my cousins that live near me. Well, first their is my cousin Marina Casey, but everybody calls her Mina, for short, she is 12 years old.(same age as my bro') and me and her always have sleepovers at eachothers houses, it is (awesome). And then theirs Joelle Casey, (mina and joelle are sisters) and actually its her b-day today. She is turning 14 today, ( August 4th) im not sure what year she was born in but. Oh well, and then theirs Will Casey he is 8, he is awesome.One thing that i love about him is me and him, love to play Pirates of the Carribean(Xbox360). HE is the best at that game. And last but not least the cutest toddler in the world, Beckett Casey He is so cute, he is 3 years old. Has a little a-fro, so cute. What i love about him he is so funny, in his voice, hes like . "I want a baby sandwich" but hes not what you think he talks like. and maybe I'll later on put a picture and video on for you guys, what he sounds like. lol so funny. And my Aunt and Uncle. They are awesome , Wendy Casey - Shaun Casey. The whole family is awesome!!!! Well fokes, we are done for today. When you see me and person maybe I'll tell you all my 225 cousin. hahahahahahahah.