Wednesday, August 25, 2010

how summer was

i had a great summer, summer was the best, i have been going to places to parks and having fun the hole summer. my grandma lives in pennsylvania, so we went up to pennsylvania to visit her it was fun the best part was when we went to dorney park. i had a great time there. avery and are cousin jaylin went to six flags they went on the fastest the tallest and the longest rollercoaster in the world. i got nervous about that because on the computer it said that over 300 people died on the ride . so that was why i was so scared he already went another time and he busted his lip on the up and then it went straight down and it was the highest roller coaster in the world. and i have lots more but i will share them later so ya, well thanks for reading half of my summer by.

By: Amelle Moore

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